Summon The Rhythm

Trombone virtuosi Brett Baker teams up with Leyland Band, conducted by Howard Evans, to deliver his latest fantastic solo recording, ‘Summon the Rhythm’.

A true showcase of Brett’s incredible virtuosity, both in technique and repertoire, ‘Summon the Rhythm’ brings a varied mix of music featuring some great arrangements of classic melodies and some exciting new repertoire created for trombone. 5 new works receive their premiere recording on this album, including items penned by Philip Sparke, Ralph Pearce, Pete Meechan, Darrol Barry and Tom Davoren.


Recorded in the Mitchell Kenyon Theatre, University of Central Lancashire, 27th/28th March 2010.

Run time = 74 Minutes


Track Listing:

Track 1. Capriccio

Philip Sparke
Track 2. Song of India

Rimsky-Korsakov arr. Bill Geldard
Track 3. 4 Miles from Taxas Ralph Pearce
Track 4. Someone Cares John Larsson arr. Ray Steadman Allen
Track 5. Scene from Silver Plate Pete Meechin
Track 6. Sweet Nightingale

Goff Richards
Track 7. Excursions for Trombone Marc Owen
Track 8. i.    Chase
Track 9. ii.   Twighlight
Track 10. iii.   Flippancy
Track 11. iv.   Rough and Tumble
Track 12. v.    Solemnly
Track 13. vi.    Jaunt
Track 14. vii.   Dance Macabre
Track 15. viii.  Pageantry
Track 16. ix.    Sprinter
Track 17. Evergreen

Williams/Streisand arr. Derek Ashmore
Track 18. Concerto for Trombone Darrol Barry
Track 19. i.    Movement 1 Deciso
Track 20. ii.    Movement 2 Lento
Track 21. iii.   Movement 3 Vivo Scherzando
Track 22. Why Did I Chose You Michael Leonard arr. Ray Farr
Track 23. Summon the Rhythm

Tom Davoren
Summon The Rhythm
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