Leyland earn Whit Friday Wins

Leyland Band, conducted by Thomas Wyss, enjoyed a winning return to the famous annual Whit Friday March festivals held in villages and towns across Saddleworth, performing “The Wizard” by George Allan.

Wins at Uppermill and Lees, and runners up places at Diggle and Lydgate gained Leyland 4 prizes out of the seven competitions entered.


Leyland Band Whit Friday


Often described as ‘the greatest free show on Earth’, the villages of Saddleworth and Tameside near Manchester hosted the annual Whit Friday Marches on 25 May, uniting over 100 brass bands from all over the world in competition. Split into 22 venues, it’s a race for all the competing bands to make it between as many venues as possible, march through the crowds and perform their chosen contest march for the judges.


Leyland Band Whit Friday 2


After weeks of glorious spring sunshine, it was probably no surprise that the weather turned for this unique outdoor event. On a busy evening, Leyland battled through the wind and rain to impress the judges with their musical wizardry.