Dan’s the Man

Dan Moore, Leyland’s fantastic 2nd euphonium player has his inspirational musical story told. Dan Moore

The Lancashire Post ran a full page feature on Dan’s rise to the top. The story began at a very early age when he saw his father’s tuba and according to family legend, he was able to get a note of an instrument bigger than him!

The journey has taken Dan from those early beginnings to learning to play the euphonium and piano, and via the Poulton-le-Fylde Brass Band and Oxford University, to the seat he occupied for the last two years in Leyland Band.

In the press feature, Dan pays fulsome praise to his parents for the support they have given him throughout his musical progression, and also to the “Awards For Young Musicians” charity which funded a new instrument for him in his teens.

But more than that, Dan says that performing at the highest level takes a lot of hard work over a number of years – a message Leyland’s tutors pass on to new players in workshops across the country – though the musical rewards can be fabulous when you can play in a band like Leyland.