Them Basses

A unique collection of tuba solos brilliantly performed by Leyland’s Principal Eb and Bb Bass playes, Chris Doran and Bill Carter, provides a satisfying recording for all tastes.

Every great band needs a solid foundation. Sometimes referred to as “the engine room”, the bass section is essential to the tremendous sound we know and love from a brass band. Being stuck at the back however, bass players are rarely given a chance to shine with the tune or a solo spot. It’s easy to overlook what great instruments basses (or bass tubas to be more precise) can be in their own right. At Leyland Band we have always been proud of our great bass section, and the four current members are some of the longest serving in the band, with well over 60 years service at Leyland between them. Them Basses is a celebration of the bass section of the band, with a fine selection of solos from our principal Eb and BBb tuba players Chris Doran and Bill Carter. Chris and Bill are also joined by the rest of the section for four fantastic bass quartets showing that bass playing isn’t all about long notes! So, we hope you enjoy this recording, a tribute to the biggest, heaviest and lowest of brass instruments!


Them Basses
The Impresario
The Beautiful Colorado
Song For The Skies

Them Basses - Leyland Band
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