American Salute

To celebrate Leyland Band’s coast to coast USA tour (one 4 such trips to date), this recording brought together a mix of music featured on the tour with some very recognisable related American classics.

  • American Salute
  • At The Sign of the Swinging Cymbals
  • Famous British Marches
  • Finale from Tchaikovsky Symphony No.4
  • Holiday for Strings
  • MacArthur Park
  • Marriage of Figaro
  • Oklahoma
  • One Voice
  • Rule Britannia
  • Satchmo
  • Stars and Stripes Forever
  • Tara’s Theme
  • The Gael
  • The Irish Blessing
  • The Pride of the Wolverines
  • The Sun Has Got His Hat On
  • Trumpets Wild
American Salute
Famous British Marches
Holiday For Strings
Rule Britannia
The Stars and Stripes Forever