Serenade In Brass

A lovely set of easy listening music is featured on this recording by Leyland Band, which was a follow up to the band’s hugely successful Romance in Brass series.

  • Arabesque No.1
  • Banks and Braes
  • Chanson Trevaux
  • Drigo’s Serenade
  • Du Bist Die Ruh
  • It’s a Lovely Day Tomorrow
  • Kiss Me Again
  • Little Serenade
  • Love Lilt
  • Our Love is Here to Stay
  • Salut’ d’Amour
  • Serenade
  • Serenata
  • The Lark in the Clear Air
  • The Wind Beneath My Wings
Arabesque No.1
Banks and Braes
Drigo’s Serenade
It’s A Lovely Day Tomorrow
Love Lilt