Leyland Band are delighted to announce the appointment of Keith Muggeridge as the band’s Solo Baritone.

Keith has enjoyed a stella performance career so far. He joined the Hillingdon Band under the renowned conductor and composer Philip Sparke at the age of 18. Moving north to study ‘Band Musicianship’ at Salford University, he benefited from the guidance of David King who remains a huge influence, and also Peter Christian – who himself graced Leyland (BNFL) Band on Solo Baritone.

Whilst studying at Salford, Keith joined the Wingates Band then moved onto the Fairey Band for four years.

In 2015, Keith was involved in a serious road accident, as his car careered into a tree after skidding on ice. Keith courageously endured a long rehabilitation following the accident and was thankful for all the support and encouragement he received over the many months of recovery. Particularly, the help of the Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service in attending the accident, reviving him and transporting him to hospital so quickly which probably made the successful difference in his recovery. Their work inspired Keith to record a fund raising CD for them;-

Thanks to his unwavering determination to recover and keep improving musically, Keith enjoys playing now more than ever and is looking forward to performing with Leyland in concert and competition.